Welcome, CEO. I’m Janelle.


They call me The Part Time CEO™. You May have seen me in:


i have the best clients in the world, here are some of their stories.

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"Janelle is amazing! During our consultation, Janelle & I clicked right away, and it felt like talking to a good friend. Janelle even helped me with my public image as business owner.  Whether you are a new mama, or a small business owner, Janelle has got your back!" 

-Kai Hernandez, Organization & Productivity Expert,

I’m a Business Strategist & Efficiency Coach for women who need a laser-focused business bff.

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Here's How we can Get connected.

In 45- ish minutes, Janelle will get right down to … business. Your business that is. She will take a deep dive into your systems, processes, and business model, and give you laser- focused, actionable advice that may make all the difference between pulling your hair out and being the cool, calm, & collected CEO you envisioned when you started.

 I’ve often shared that I only work 2.5 days    (roughly 20 hours ) per week in my business,  and most people who hear that go..”HOW?!?” 

If you feel like you’re spending ALL YOUR FREE TIME working in your business, to the point where you have little to no time left for your family, yourself, or anything else, then this challenge is for you. It’s called the 10 day/ 20 Hour challenge. In 10 days, I will send everything you need to reduce your workload down to 20 hours per week (‼️), right to your inbox.

Did you know that over in facebook-land, there is a thriving community of incredible women in business, helping and supporting one another? Well, now you know! That magical place is called The Part Time CEO™ Mastermind, and it’s time you joined us.