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 {I help women live a life they love, all while working 20 hours per week}


client success stories:

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"Janelle is amazing! During our consultation, Janelle & I clicked right away, and it felt like talking to a good friend. Janelle even helped me with my public image as business owner. She is amazing! Whether you are a new mama, or a small business owner, Janelle has got your back!" 

-Kai Hernandez, Organization & Productivity Expert,


Business Strategist & Efficiency Coach

My name is Janelle, Mom, Wife, Former Teacher & Now Business Strategist & Efficiency Coach. I teach female service- based entrepreneurs how to build a six figure business, which only requires them to work part time. This program is strictly for exceptional women who are experts in their field. Here are the essential components:

  • Offer & Mindset of a 6 Figure Business Owner
  • Client Attraction
  • Scaling- Work Less Make More



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You know you're meant for something amazing, you just don't know how to begin.... secretly, you are afraid that it will take over your life and leave you with nothing left for yourself and your family. It doesn't have to be this way. On our Strategy Session, Janelle will clarify your deepest needs and desires, and determine whether or not her program is a good fit for you. Regardless, you will come away know what your next step needs to be.

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