Double Your Monthly Income by Leveraging Your Network with Ashley DeLuca


Organic marketing is the backbone of any successful company. But entrepreneurs often struggle to gain traction in the early stages of their businesses, causing frustration and loss of revenue.

Ashley DeLuca helps entrepreneurs convert ideal prospects into paying clients through email sequences that lead to consistent and predictable profits. But she didn’t start out as an email marketing strategist. Her journey began in web design after teaching herself HTML and CSS. She made connections through online groups where she found others pursuing the same things.

“I knew I needed to have someone who was going to fully commit to my business. One of the biggest investments I made was investing in a committed coaching relationship with Janelle.”

- Ashley DeLuca (12:31-12:45)

After starting a marketing agency with a fellow entrepreneur, she transitioned into the world of email marketing. Eventually, she left the agency behind and found herself starting over again. That difficult transition hit her revenue hard, bringing her down to a monthly income of $300 in November of that year. She quickly had to figure out what she would do next.

Leverage Your Network by Serving Others

Ashley had already built the foundation for her personal brand, so she had people who were still seeking out her services and expertise. Leveraging her network was the best way to get up and running. But instead of going to others and just trying to sell her services, Ashley checked in with her network to see what people needed. By identifying the problems people had, she could offer the solutions that brought her paying clients.

Positioning yourself as a problem solver is the best way to leverage your connections. Your network is the one place where you’ve already established visibility and credibility, so it’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to build their business.

Ashley couldn’t build a successful business alone. She needed support from a coach or mentor who was fully committed to her goals. So she invested in a coaching relationship with me. Our relationship had already started when I was looking for a “unicorn” marketer who could write the copy I needed and build the sales funnel that would grow my own business.

Ashley was that unicorn. She was now coming to me for coaching, and she soon went from making $300 online in November to earning $3,000 by December. She would eventually reach $7,000 in monthly revenue. At the core of this huge leap was her trust in her intuition and focus on serving people at the highest capacity.

“What does it mean for you to serve at your higher capacity, and what does that offer look like?” - Janelle Lara (17:07-17:11)

The Email Marketing Strategy You Need to Leverage Your Network

Many business owners build a list only to let it become stagnant. But this leaves money and connections on the table. Failing to deliver high-quality content doesn’t serve you or your audience. You have to identify the gap between your free offer and the end goal of having clients work with (and pay) you. That gap is where you nurture your relationships in a way that has a positive impact on your audience.

Start with a standardized welcome sequence for anyone who chooses to opt in to your list. It's a way of introducing yourself so they become familiar with you and your story. But more importantly, it should be about what you can do for them long before you pitch them on your primary offer. The right welcome sequence creates an engaged community. But you need to show up often.

Creating a two-way relationship with email marketing starts with understanding who you’re talking to. You need to grow a “clean” list, which means that everyone on your list actually cares about what you’re saying. Analytics let you see who’s opening your emails, and your Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool lets you segment your audience and tailor messages to the right people.

Beware of Vanity Metrics

The social media landscape puts a high priority on likes, shares, and other vanity metrics. These are measurements that don’t reflect your revenue. Be careful not to fall into the trap of focusing on vanity metrics instead of creating profitable content. You want to focus on serving people, but you also need to generate revenue to create a sustainable business.

The money you make reflects the impact you’re making. Having a system in place to measure your email marketing is key to getting the best results. Your metrics should be easy to understand so you recognize the opportunities to re-engage with members who may have dropped off along the way. Email marketing is a powerful tool for leveraging your network. Your list is the most valuable asset your business has. Use it wisely to create an engaging community that you impact with your skills and expertise.

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